CNC Milling Metal Reflector Mask Gage

CNC Milling Metal Reflector Mask Gage
Product Details
MaterialMetal Fixtures
FunctionSingle Fixtures
StyleAutomotive Trim Fixtures

Processing Methods

CNC Machining

Processing MaterialsAluminium Alloy
Surface TreatmentHand-grind,Sand blasting;Oxidation
395 * 333 * 235 mm
12 kg
Production Time25 Days

Detail Description

    This reflector mask single fixture made by Beijing Kingco gage processing plant, is used for advanced metal material AL with surface effect of blasting oxidation. The salient features of this metal gauge according to customer's request is that left and right symmetrical pieces need to be mounted on the same gage plate, with distinct vision of symmetrical features. The dimension accuracy of  positioning reference block on body portion can be up to ± 0.05 mm, and the ones of  mating clearance surface in the groove is within ± 0.1 mm. Accurate marking of measuring points are able to help customers  detect quickly the size and position of product. Auxiliary tools and nameplate mounted on the side of  fixture,are easy to use without losing beauty. 

Kingco produced the metal fixture for reflector mask

    Kingco processed the reflector mask seizure is more convenient for customers to test in quantization for the important auto parts. About the analysis of repeatability and reproducibility, it's very important that the measurements of single gage should refer to the same location data, with provided the relevant data test report after the completion of seizure  production.

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