CNC Machining Automotive Ashtray Stent Gauge

Product Details
MaterialMetal Fixtures
FunctionSingle Fixtures
StyleAutomotive Trim Fixtures
Processing MethodsCNC Machining
Processing MaterialsSteel,Al
Surface TreatmentHeat Treatment
Weight7 kg

Production Time

20 Days

Detail Description

Ashtray stents are injection molding automotive interior parts, with irregular shape. The ashtray stent gauge can detect the contour deviation.

The use process of ashtray stent gauge:

1. Open the clamp, release the pressure plate, open the flip mechanism, and load the ashtray stent into the gauge;

2. Move the ashtray stent on the positioning pin, and ensure that the product positioning is stable. Close the clamp in a defined order and lock the pressure plate;

3. Close the flip mechanism, lock the plum handle.The ashtray stent must not lose contact with the stops;

4. Measure in a defined order;

5. Record measured values;

CNC Machining Automotive Ashtray Stent Gauge

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