Audi Ceiling Frame AL CNC Single Fixtures

Audi Ceiling Frame AL CNC Single Fixtures
Product Details
MaterialMetal Fixture
FunctionMetal Fixture
StyleStamping Parts Fixture
Processing MethodsCNC Machining,Welding
Processing MaterialsAl
Surface TreatmentAnodizing,Painting
Production Time30 Days

Detail Description

The checking fixture with four card board is custom made for testing the outline of Audi B9 ceiling frame. The detect clearance plane of single fixture is 3mm. This Audi ceiling frame CNC single fixtures is primary color. Auxiliary tools are go/no go fixed gauge, gap gauge, steel rule, etc.


1.Open the clamps, turning the card board, and then place ceiling frame on the holding fixture.

2.Fix ceiling frame on the checking fixture by dowel pins and clamps to ensure being seated correctly.

3.Check the position of ceiling frame holes by testing pins.

4.Manual detect by testing tools.

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