Metal Taillight Watertight Jigs And Fixtures

Metal Taillight Watertight Jigs And Fixtures
Product Details
Processing MethodsCNC Machining
Processing MaterialsAL
Surface TreatmentHand-grind;Sand blasting
Production Time22 Days

Detail Description

        The taillights watertight fixture made by Beijing Kingco Fixture Factory, helping customers to make the effective watertightness test for tail light vehicle products, as well as the positioning contour detection of lamp size and shape. 

Metal taillight watertight jigs processed by Beijing Kingco

      Taillight fixture is effected on surface sand blasting after integrated CNC precision machining, with prominent structural feature under simple and elegant appearance. Prior to affixing quality labels, quality inspectors are required to verify whether the dimensional accuracy of watertight fixture assembly or location holes is within the tolerances required by customer. 

Metal watertight jigs for symmetrical taillight

        The taillight symmetry jigs need to be mirrored according to customer drawings and precisely control the assembly gap of product and jigs. Car tail lights fixtures should pay attention to regular maintenance after use, to avoid touching with acids, alkalis and other harmful substances, metal parts should be anti-rust treatment.   

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