Outer Board Decorative Strip Assembly Gauge

Outer Board Decorative Strip Assembly Gauge
Product Details
MaterialResin Fixtures
FunctionAssembly Fixtures
StyleAutomotive Trim Fixtures

Processing Methods

CNC Machining

Processing MaterialsAL、Epoxy Tooling Board
Surface TreatmentPainting,Hand-grind
Production Time28 Days

Detail Description      

        Car door outside board is the body of the car body opening parts, in need of meeting the size of precision requirements, to ensure that the late beautiful appearance and uniform assembly gap. It is made by Beijing Kingco Automobile Inspection Factory with high precision machining equipment, measuring equipment and auxiliary equipment. It can help customers to test or adjust the shape, size, positioning and other parameters.

Details of Kingco manufacturing outer board decorative strip gauge

        The body trim tooling is used for high-quality materials, including metal aluminum base, as well the body for epoxy tooling board  from grinding spray treatment after CNC processing. In the process of production, the related designing software are UG, CATIA, Auto CAD and others. The nameplate of the clear texture and exquisite installation effect, the reference cover with the standard parts, the complete mark on the coordinate line of  floor and positioning device, all can directly reflect the professional standards of production and design at Beijing Kingco seized plant.

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