CNC Machining Rear Door Glass Assembly Fixture In Epoxy Tooling Board

Product Details
MaterialResin Fixtures
FunctionAssmbly Fixtures
StyleGlass Fixtures
Processing MethodsCNC Machining, Welding
Processing MaterialsEpoxy Tooling board, Steel, Al
Surface TreatmentPainting, Hand-grind, Heat Treatment
Production Time30 Days

Detail Description

Automotive glass is the glass components installed in the car body, and its role is to ensure the vision and safety of drivers and passengers. Automotive glass is mainly divided into front windshield laminated glass and tempered glass (including door glass, corner window glass, side window glass, rear windshield, skylight glass, etc. ). Automotive glass inspection includes performance, appearance, shape and so on. The CNC machining rear door glass fixture in epoxy tooling board is mainly used to detect the outline shape of automotive rear door. Glass shape not only affect the shape of the car assembly, but also affect vehicle safety and aerodynamic performance. If the glass is not match well, the edge stress will not uniform, and the glass will be easy rupture. 

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