CNC Machining Dashboard Bracket Of Automotive Trim Gage

CNC Machining Dashboard Bracket Of Automotive Trim Gage
Product Details
MaterialMetal Fixtures
FunctionAssembly Fixtures
StyleAutomotive Trim Fixtures

Processing Methods

CNC Machining

Processing MaterialsAL,stainless steel, 4Cr13
Surface TreatmentHeat Treatment, Sanding
Production Time30 Days

Detail Description

        Dashboard support is an important part of the automotive dashboard system, its size, positioning or assembly of the accuracy need to ensure the matching test device. Beijing Kingco car inspection and processing plant specializing in the provision of instrument panel bracket gage, with a full set of inspection design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning, measuring the overall strength, has developed various types of auto parts and assembly seized. 

Kingco gauge designing for dashboard brasket

        In order to fully use the relevant car interior and exterior trim, Kingco Inspection manufacturing company can provide customers with detailed use, operation and maintenance specifications, and thoughtful after-sales service. 

CNC milling dashboard bracket inspection tool

        The instrument panel bracket assembly gauge,  should confirm the appearance of the inspection before use whether it is intact or not, and prepare the auxiliary tools (Go pins, Gap gauge, Steel ruler, etc.), with more attention to different color identification. During the operation, you need first to determine the positioning, and then use the detection pin to detect the location of product hole,  and make testing by artificial hand-held detection tool. At the same time the gauges after use should be wiped clean, then close the clamp and fip the active component, put all pins into the corresponding seat, in regular scheduled maintenance.

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