CNC Machining Bracket Stamping Parts Assembly Fixtures

Product Details
MaterialResin Fixtures
FunctionAssembly Fixtures
StyleStamping Parts Fixtures

Processing Methods

CNC Machinin,Welding

Processing MaterialsSteel,Epoxy Tooling Board
Surface TreatmentHeat Treatment, Painting, Hand-grind
Production Time40 Days

Detail Description

The bracket assembly fixture is a stamping part fixture for detecting the outer contour of the car bracket and the mounting hole. The body of the bracket assembly fixture is made of epoxy tooling board; 0mm cut surface and the extension surface painted white; 5mm gap surface painted green; the body and the steel frame sprayed blue paint. The bracket assembly is equipped with two clamping structure (vertical pressure clamp). Clamping force direction  perpendicular to the main positioning surface of the car bracket.

CNC Machining Bracket Stamping Parts Assembly Fixtures

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CNC Machining Bracket Stamping Parts Assembly Fixtures

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