CNC Machining Automotive Right C-pollars Assembly Checking Fixtures

Product Details
MaterialMetal Fixtures
FunctionAssembly Fixtures
StyleStamping Parts Fixtures
Processing MethodsCNC Machining,Welding
Processing MaterialsSteel, Al
Surface TreatmentPainting, Heat Treatment
Production Time30 Days

Detail Description

The role of the car's A, B, and C pillars is to connect the car body and the roof, which enhances and strengthens the body strength. The A-pillar of the car is between the engine compartment and the cockpit, above the left and right rear mirrors. The B-pillar is between the front and rear seats of the cockpit, extending from the roof to the bottom of the car. The C-pillars on both sides of the rear headrest. The ABC pillar is not only a metal pillar that holds the cockpit roof, but also has an important protective effect on the members in the cockpit. The ABC pillar can effectively prevent the cockpit from being deformed when the vehicle is tumbling or overturning. 

Car right C-pillar assembly checking fixture is to detect the car C-pillar shape, divided into the front C-pillar assembly fixture and the rear C-pillar assembly checking fixture. The skeleton and the base bracket of the checking fixture are made of steel, and the detection block is CNC machined with aluminum.

Beijing Kingco equipped with large gantry machining center(4000 * 2500 * 1500mm, 2200 * 1600 * 1200mm), Mikron high-speed machine imported from Switzerland (precision up to 0.02mm), Taiwan CNC Center(1000 * 600 * 700mm), Carved machines, as well as turning, milling, grinding, line cutting, welding and other auxiliary equipment.

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