CNC Machining Automotive Rearview Mirror Assembly Testing Fixtures

Product Details

MaterialMetal Fixture
FunctionAssembly Fixtures
StyleInjection Moulding Parts Checking Fixtures
Processing MethodsCNC Machining
Processing MaterialsAl,Steel
Surface TreatmentHeat Treatment
Dimensions 1000mm*590mm*250mm
Weights50 kg
Production Time30 Days

Detail Description

 Automotive rearview mirror assembly testing fixture is used to detect the quality of the injection molding car left and right rear view mirror. The appearance of the rearview mirror is composed of complicated curved surfaces, and the shape of the rearview mirror assembly testing fixture matches the shape of the rearview mirror. The checking body and the base of the rearview mirror assembly testing fixture are made of aluminum, and the left and right rear-view mirrors are arranged on the same base for easy use and management. 

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