Car Lights CNC Machining Assembly Checking Gauges By Epoxy Tooling Board

Product Details
MaterialResin Fixtures
FunctionAssembly Fixtures
StyleLights Fixtures
Processing MethodsCNC Machining
Processing MaterialsEpoxy Tooling Board,Al
Surface TreatmentHeat Treatment, Painting, Hand-grind
Production Time40 Days
PackageWooden box
Dimension:   600mm*550mm*745mmWeight:   57kg

Detail Description

These car checking gauges are used to detect the car lights. The shell of car light is injection molding part. The frame of car checking gauge was designed and made according to the shape and size of  the car light shell. The frame and the base of the lingt checking gauge with the use of different aluminum, made of fulcrum, greatly reducing the weight of the light checking gauge. The body of the light checking gauge used expoxy tooling board with good dimensional stability and wear resistance, to ensure that the light checking gauge with longer using life.

三立车大灯检具 (7).jpg

三立车大灯检具 (2).jpg

三立车大灯检具 (1).jpg

三立车大灯检具 (6).jpg

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