Automobile Side Foot Drip Channel Welding Assembly Fixture In Steel And Al

Product Details
MaterialMetal Fixture
FunctionAssembly Fixture
StyleStamping Parts Fixture
Processing MethodsCNC Machining,Welding
Processing MaterialsAl, Steel
Surface TreatmentPainting, Heat Treatment
Production Time40 Days

Detail Description

This automobile side foot drip channel welding assembly fixture is desigined and manufactured for the Great Wall automobile company.Side foot drip channel fixture is divided into the left side foot drip channel fixture and the right side  foot drip channel fixture. The main function of the side foot drip channel is drainning the rainwater along the channel, to prevent water into the car. The foot drip channel sheet metal part has irregular shape and complicated space structure, so special assembly fixture is designed to check whether the geometrical tolerances of the sheet metal parts meet the standard. 

Kingco gage production factory designed this side foot drip channel welding assembly fixture with a light and reasonable structure. Kingco design and manufacture fixture factory has imported three coordinate measuring equipment with the precision of 0.002mm, providing a guarantee for the high precision of the fixture.

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