Batch Manufacturing of Foldable Multifunctional Military Chair

Batch Manufacturing of Foldable Multifunctional Military Chair

Product Details
Processing StyleMold Injection Molding
MaterialMetal Prototyping
Application IndustryMilitary Supplies
Processing MethodsMold Injection Molding
Processing MaterialsABS,Steel Tube
Surface TreatmentHand-grind,Painting(Standard Camouflage)
Production TimeProduction time depends on the quantity

Detail Description

The foldable multifunctional chair is a Kingco’s patented product. Kingco researched and developed the foldable multifunctional chair to meet the actual demand of armed forces’ field operation trainings. This foldable multifunctional chair can be used as a stool, chair as well as a desk. The chair is easy to fold and carry. So this foldable multifunctional chair has been widely used in armed forces’ field operation trainings, school trainings and family leisure activities.

1. Patent number: ZL200530022031.9

2. Registered trademark: YETONG

3. Color: camouflage

4. Material: engineering plastic & steel tube

5. Weight: 3600g±100g / one chair

6. Dimension: 

Folding state of the chair: 51cm*31cm*6cm 

Size of the seat surface: 31 cm*32 cm

The height of the chair: 37 cm

The height of the desk: 60 cm

7. The impact strength of stool surface simple support beam: 3.1 KJ / ㎡

8. Static load of seat surface: 1500N, ≥20times

9. Static load of back chair: 560N, ≥20times

10. The military chair was detected qualified by Beijing Municipal Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision.

11. Packing specification: 5 chairs/box, box size 52cm*36cm*33cm, 19.2kg/box (gross weight) 

Liberation Army Daily reported this foldable multifunctional chair. As Liberation Army Daily said, because of this foldable multifunctional chair, People's Liberation Army will no longer write on the knees, as well as sitting on the camp chair. In 2014 Sino-Russian military exercise, Chinese army used this foldable multifunctional chair, which is interested by Russian army. Then Russian army contacted us through the manufacturer information on the back of the chair, as well as visited Kingco to communicate the procurement.


Kingco Technology is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various batch manufacturing of foldable multifunctional military chair products in China, offering the customized service. Our products is competitive in its high quality and good performance. Welcome to check the quotation with us.


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